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Like it and want to put a keyring on it?

Mark’s your Bae.

It’s still a good time to buy your dream house! After a long home search, have you finally found “the one”? Don’t let high interest rates scare you away from committing to your housing soul mate. Mark and his team have seen the ups and downs of the Austin housing market and are ready to share their wisdom with you. Mark knows what he’s talking about when it comes to staying calm, focusing on your long-term goals, and making a good thing last. He’ll get you hitched—without a hitch.

After a chat with Mark, you’ll be ready to commit—no shoulda, woulda, coulda.

Mark’s three steps to a happy home.

1. Marry the house.

If you love the home and it makes you happy, it’s worth investing in. Fortunately, home prices have come down so now is a good time to buy. Remember, you can’t refinance the home price, just the interest rate. The best place to get started is our Crunch the Numbers calculator to find out how much you can afford and even get pre-qualified. And like any good dad, Mark has a toolbox bursting with very useful (and very specific) resources to make the process as easy as possible. Rest assured, Mark will be there to walk you down the home-buying aisle and make sure you land the home of your dreams.

2. Date the interest rate.

Yes, the rates today are not great. But interest rates change and, unlike home prices, you can refinance to get a better rate. Mark has tools like Lock and Shop that let you secure a rate while you shop. If a lower rate comes along, he’ll help you refinance. There are a lot of rates in the ocean; Mark wants you to land the right one.

3. Divorce the rent.

The best investment, even in higher-rate environments, is still a home. Rent is 100% interest. Buying a home creates a hedge against inflation—and when rates dip again—guess what happens to home values? They go up. The market has stabilized a bit—with a larger supply of homes overall. However, the pause the market is taking won’t last forever. Demand is going to start building—and the switch will get turned on again. So the best advice it to buy a home. Don’t rent. It’s not rent to be.

Make Mark you’re new favorite influencer. Check out his YouTube channel for more wise words on credit, credit repair, appraisals, the mortgage lending process, and anything else you would ever need to know about home ownership.