The Sky is NOT Falling!

Mark’s Market Update – 10/7/2022

​No Fear Here!

In the coming months and year, I can assure you that there will be two categories of buyers here in Austin and elsewhere: Those who are so glad they leaned on me and my team of experts to get creative to buy a home…

…and those who wish they would have consulted with us on how we can get them into a home with a plan to refinance in the future to address the current rate concerns. Creativity is key – but it starts with understanding buyer concerns.

Don’t wait for things to “get better”, because it will be too late. When things get better for one person – they’ll probably be a lot better for everyone…

Buyers: I put together a plan to buy today and manage the loan for as long as it is out there.

Buyer’s agents: I make sure the loan is approved and will close on time with great communication at all steps of the process and help you get paid.

Listing agents: I make sure the loan and offer are structured in a way to minimize “price concessions”…and close on time with approved buyers – guaranteed.

It’s a win-win for everyone.