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What Does Mark Twain have to do with Mortgage Lending?

Mark’s Market Update – 8/18/2022

“I’m sorry – I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead”

Don’t just do it – do it well. That means TAKE THE TIME to do it well.

I love Mark Twain – I went to Mark Twain Elementary School in Albuquerque and got my first taste of him during English in middle school.

This quote, when I heard it, resounded with me – because it’s so true on so many levels. The best communicators – don’t take a lot of time communicating, but they spend a lot of time making sure they’re communicating efficiently. Abraham Lincoln wrote his second Inaugural address himself, finishing at exactly 701 words. To put that into perspective – by the time I finish this sentence – I will have written ninety-nine words.

Take the time to communicate what you want. When you take more time to communicate correctly, you will spend less time having to correct, restate, and recommunicate what was missed.

Rates are flat. Buy a home. Refinance a home. Lock your rate. Go with me. I’ll do a great job. That is all. 🙂

Don’t just do it, do it well. A multi-billion dollar shoe company has it wrong.