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We like to move it, move it.

Keep your loan moving along, that is!

Online lenders and big banks are notorious for falsely “preapproving” loans based on buyers’ self-reported income, assets, and soft-pull credit reports (without actually making sure those numbers are accurate). That means your loan could get rejected later on in the process — just when you’re getting excited about moving! The Mark Smith Team hustles all day every day to make sure that doesn’t happen. When we tell you you’re preapproved, you can take that to the bank. For real!

We Keep It Real
If you walk in and tell us you have a billion-dollar salary, $1M downpayment, 800 credit score, and no debt, we could get that approved just as easily as the big banks or online lenders. Unlike them, we’ll actually do our jobs to verify the data, instead of getting your hopes up and making preapproval promises we can’t keep.

Cash is King? Think Again!
If you need financing, you just have to make your deal look better than a cash offer. This means waiving those pesky contingencies, increasing your deposit, and bumping up your closing date as much as possible. Sound impossible? We’ll teach you how to play to win!

Every Day We’re Hustlin’
Not many online lenders or big banks guarantee that your loan will close on time, because they’re not willing to put in the time and effort to make it possible. That’s what sets local lenders apart! We’ll do whatever it takes to get your loan approved and help you close on time.