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Unpredictable rates got you all shook up?

Don’t leave it to chance.

The rise and fall and rise (and probable fall) of interest rates may have you searching for a fortune teller. Even in an up-and-down market, real estate will always be a smart long-term investment. Mark’s experience and expertise can help you cut through the guesswork and find real answers to your home-buying questions. He will review your finances for free to give you a clear vision of your bigger financial picture. Owe less, make more, save more, retire rich. That’s Mark’s fortune telling. No magic about it.

Contact Mark to talk about your fortune (and how to earn one).

Outlook good.

Real estate, like almost any asset you can buy, is best bought now with an eye toward long-term returns. Don’t time the market. A short-term view toward investing is where unpredictability will cost you big. If you think strategically and plan ahead, your wealth-building outlook will be good.

It’s decidedly so.

While mortgage rates remain unpredictable, home prices go up. So, buy now. If rates are high, buy now and refinance later. If home prices are high…buy now, they’re going to get higher. Two things are decidedly true: there is only so much land and people will always need a place to live.


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