Turkey Style

Mark’s Market Update – 11/24/2021

Happy Thanksgiving

Rates are up – unfortunately. The Consumer Pricing Expenditure report (the Fed’s favorite measure of inflation) came out – with another uptick. So, rates, as a whole, are trending around 3.375% to 3.5% for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages. Great rates – but higher than what people have been seeing and enjoying for over a year.    

But, that’s not really a Happy Thanksgiving message. 

This is:  

It is a great time to give thanks and be thankful for everything and anything that is important to you. It is wonderful to enjoy time with family and enjoy a little bit of turkey, green bean casserole (Campbell’s version – personally, my favorite), mashed potatoes, gravy, pecan, apple, or punkin pie, and anything else. It’s a wonderful time to enjoy a friendly game of tag/flag/tackle football in the park.   It’s a wonderful time to watch some football on TV…or just hang out with family drinking your favorite wine.   

For one, I will be wearing my favorite Lululemon joggers. Why? Because they’re stretchy…and I’m going to need that tomorrow. 

From a business perspective, I will not be working tomorrow, and I am letting my team enjoy the entire three-day weekend. However, I’m still available. 

If you need me – text me or e-mail me or call me. And, of course, if another lender you’re dealing with is off for five days and has gone completely dark on you…

Call me. I’ll never leave someone in the lurch. You’ll always get ahold of me.  

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!