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Smart is the new sexy.

And Mark is really smart.

Ok, even Mark can’t bring sexy all the way back to the ever-changing real estate market but he can make it easier with his calm, cool calculation of mortgage math. Understanding the logic behind a solid investment strategy is your key to courage. Short-term flip, long-term investment property, your forever home, down payment advice, credit rating boosters—if it involves numbers, Mark’s ready to ease fears and talk dollars and sense.

Head over heart is best.

In any market, buying real estate can be an emotional roller coaster. It’s one of the largest (if not the largest) purchases you will make in your lifetime. Add high interest rates, Austin’s housing market, and the paperwork (oh, the paperwork) and you’ve got a recipe for nerves. That’s why it’s critical to have a fundamental understanding of the relationship between interest rates and home prices if you want to achieve your real estate goals. Fortunately, Mark’s expertise is built on logic and an almost Einsteinian understanding of the math involved in the mortgage process.

Heart over head is pretty great, too.

Mark is no robot. And he knows that you are not a robot, either. Understanding your goals, your dreams, your tolerance for paperwork, and, yes, your fears are his first priority. In case you think he’s just a handsome face and beautiful mind, he’s also a people person. He is always available to talk, over the phone or over coffee. Besides his wife and dogs, his phone is his best friend. The best mortgages are built on relationships—you and the house, you and your lender, your lender, and mortgage interest data spreadsheets.

Mark is bringing the logic back to lending.

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