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Want a safe bet when it comes to home buying?

Don’t gamble. With Mark, the house always wins.

Austin’s aggressive housing market can feel like the main table at Caesar’s Palace where everyone’s a high roller but you’re still counting your chips. Thankfully, Mark’s your ace in the hole. No good luck charms or crossing your fingers needed. Just real expertise in the new rules of today’s ever-changing housing market. So if you want an Austin house, not a house of cards, or a central Texas farmhouse without betting the farm, let Mark and his team deal you the mortgage that gets you all in.

1. Stay safe. Lock your rate.

The ups and downs of mortgage rates can get you feeling queasy. Especially when different rates have real-world implications for your money. Fortunately, the Mark Smith Team’s “Lock and Shop” program lets you lock in a mortgage rate, even before you start to shop. This lets you take some of the guesswork out of the home buying process so you are ready to bid confidently in Austin’s hot, competitive market. Your protected Lock and Shop rate lets you:

  • Locks your rate regardless of rate hikes to come.
  • Shop for your dream home for 60, 90, or 120 days “safely”.
  • And it’s transferable to different addresses/offers if needed.

2. Avoid the big blind

Don’t go in blind on your home search. Knowing how much you can afford and the difference mortgage rates can make will ease your Austin home buying process. Mark’s Crunch the Numbers calculator helps you find out what you can afford. Better still, you can get pre-qualified for a mortgage and lock in a sweet low-interest rate—and Mark’s doing this all for free!

3. Know the New Rules

Buying a home in a great place like Austin is exciting. The Mark Smith Team wants to share the “New Rules of the Game” that will let you keep that excitement as you navigate the process of looking, bidding, and winning your new home. It’s an ever-changing market; let Mark’s expertise make sure you come out on top.

So don’t let the new rules stop you from purchasing a home. If you’re ready to make one of the best investments of your life and start building generational wealth, let’s chat.

I want to help you hit the housing jackpot.