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Pending Fed Move of 100 BPS? CPI and Other Things

Mark’s Market Update – 9/15/2022

“I think rates are too high. I feel like now isn’t the right time. I won’t buy a home now.”

“I think home prices are going to decrease. I feel like I should wait. I won’t buy a home now.”

“I don’t think I can afford to buy a home today. I feel like I should rent. I will rent instead of buying a home now.”

​Isn’t it amazing how dramatically thoughts can influence your feelings, and then, in turn, feelings will influence your actions?

In each of the cases above – each of the above “actions” was influenced by a thought that isn’t based on reality (and in many cases, was fed into by negative media – and don’t tell me the media is filled with positive news. It’s not – and that’s why so many get influenced by negative thoughts.)

Positive thoughts create positive feelings and positive actions, while negative thoughts create negative feelings and negative actions.

Think about that – and repeat that in your mind – and then tell me I’m wrong. I’m not wrong.

Rates ARE NOT too high (3% was an artificial anomaly). Rates WILL cycle down again – but don’t wait to buy until they do – because it will be too late (again). The wealthiest people own homes. The wealthiest people understand that homeownership is the best protection against inflation. The wealthiest people understand the value of leveraging an appreciating asset. Buy now – refinance later. Create wealth today that turns into generational wealth in the future.

Finally – one of the best opportunities we’re seeing is for people to take advantage of the equity in their homes to dramatically improve their cash flow by refinancing to pay off consumer debt or pulling equity out to make improvements in their homes. Both are great opportunities – and we can help navigate the best way (or if it even makes sense) to make the best of what you have.

Simple. Elegant, truthful, and positive. Positive thought, positive feeling, positive action. I believe in positivity.