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Met a house cute as can be?

Tell Mark more, tell Mark more! 

Are you feeling the summer love for a new house? Don’t let the heat of rising interest rates rip at the seams of your summer dreams! Mark and his team can help you keep cool and cruise into the right mortgage for you. Because the lending power he’s supplying is electrifying! If your heart is stuck on a home, read on for three good reasons to buy now.

1. Bid smart in a hot market

In a home buying market where demand is high and supply is limited, it’s important to think about your bid. It has to be competitive. You might be tempted to bid low and get a “deal”, but yours probably won’t be the only bid. Check out Mark’s video to hear his number one rule about home prices. Hint: pay now or end up paying more later. Mark and his team know how to get you the house you want (and that a lot of other people might want, too!) And if you are worried about interest rates, remember that while rates are rising, they are just returning to pre-COVID levels and will still be lower than they were decades ago.

2. Spend money to make money

The truism that home prices always rise (see #1 above) also means that investing in a home or property is the best way to build wealth. It’s simple: owning a home can increase your net worth hundreds of times higher than renting. By owning your home, you pay down principal and build your equity–not the landlord’s! Check out our tip sheet on owning vs. renting to see what you could gain by buying (it could be a net of over $4,000 a month for a $500,000 home.) Let Mark and his team show you how your dream home is also a smart investment.

3. Here’s help out there.

Want to buy but are not sure you can afford it? Does the recommended 20% down payment give you pause? Are increased interest rates scaring you? While mortgage rates have increased recently, they’re still relatively low historically speaking — just higher than they used to be. We help first time home buyers find opportunities that make sense for their financial goals. Mark will walk you step-by-step through the process to ensure that you get what you want with a mortgage that makes the most sense for you in the short and long term!

So let’s turn your summer loving into summer lending. If you’re ready to make one of the best investments of your life and start building generational wealth, let’s chat.