I’m Back

Mark’s Market Update – 7/14/2022

Who secretly wants to be a Movie Star?  

I’ve had a secret dream for years of running, randomly, into someone, striking up a conversation with them, and then them saying, “Y’know – I’m a casting director and I’ve got to say – I think you’d be perfect for this supporting role in a movie I’m doing”.  

…so, I get into the movie, do my thing, and suddenly I explode into this massive movie star because of this one-bit role that occurred because of this one random chance encounter (and wouldn’t it be super cool if they needed a reluctant moonlighting action figure who’s a mortgage loan officer by day?) 

Alright – it’s a dream – and like most dreams, not grounded in reality. It’s like the expectation that if you wait long enough, home prices will decrease, and rates will decrease. Well, folks – it’s a dream to think those kinds of things. While they can make you feel good and be cool to think about…it’s not real, and don’t expect it to happen, and certainly, don’t live your life with the expectation that kind of a dream will magically happen.  

But – that said – that doesn’t mean cool things can’t happen. Is a cool thing happening realizing a dream? No – but, it can still be cool nonetheless. 

My mother passed away this past week. My twin brother and I then went into her home and started donating, cleaning, and finalizing her affairs.  

Well – while we were cleaning the house – we heard a random knock on the screen door by this guy. I opened the screen door and he said, “Are you the owner of this home?” I told him yes, and he then said that he was a movie set scout and his producer had tasked him to find a home like my Mom’s and said that it would be perfect for the shot(s) that they had for this particular movie. They wanted an old, classic home, that looked lived-in for the scenes they had in mind. He gave me his number and I gave him mine and said that his producer would call us. 

Three days later, we’re the proud owner of a small “we’ll pay you $xxxx for the use of your home for two days while we film this movie” contract for a movie that will be starring Kate Bosworth and Mel Gibson.

So, that’s cool. I like Kate Bosworth (Blue Crush), so, there’s that.  

I think my Mom would be tickled pink. It’s cool.  

Have a wonderful week!  

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