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Mark’s Market Update – 1/19/2023

A complete list of the pros and cons of buying a home! Watch the video to learn more.

Benjamin Franklin was brilliant. As a Founding Father – so many pieces of sage advice were given by him. “A penny saved is a penny earned.” “Better slip with foot than with tongue.” “Well done is better than well said.” “Haste makes waste.”

I like the last one – because that was the market 18 months ago. While it was a robust market – the likes of which we’d never seen before – buyers absolutely HATED it. It was terrible…because things had to happen so fast.

But where Franklin was super brilliant was the simple concept of the pro and con T-chart.

When you’re making an important decision (like buying a home) – and you’re weighing the pros and cons of purchasing today, versus buying six months or a year from now (for whatever reason: “I’m still in my lease for eight more months”, (you can terminate it for less than the appreciation would be on a home), “I want to have more money saved” (do you have enough now or has anyone explained all the places the down payment and closing costs CAN come from?) or the worst of all, “I want interest rates to decrease”…

…Might I suggest a simple Benjamin Franklin T-chart to list the pros versus cons of doing it today (one chart) versus a year from now (the other chart).

I’ve given you a quick head start when you watch the video.

Let me help you. This is the best market for buyers we might see in five years…take advantage of it now before Benjamin Franklin says, “I told you so…”