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At what temperature does ice cream melt?

Uh-oh. Need another scoop?

Mark is dishing up some advice on how to beat the summer home-buying heat. With a lot of competition and fewer houses available, you have to move quickly. The right loan strategy can put you a step ahead of other buyers. 

The cherry on top: We make the process as smooth as soft serve.

Plain or Extra Toppings?

Inventory is tight in Austin right now, giving sellers the upper hand. Instead of trying to buy the house with all of the extras, look for a less expensive fixer-upper. You don’t have to put a lot of money down. Save that cash and put it into home improvements. As Mark says, “Don’t look for the perfect home. Look for a home you can make perfect.”

Fund Now for Fun Later

In addition to real estate, Mark knows that there are other avenues that MUST be utilized to maximize your wealth in the long run. Here’s one big one: retirement accounts. Max out your 401(k), 403(b), IRO/Roth IRA, or TSP contributions today! Start small if you must and increase contributions by 1% every few months if you’re contributing the max per year.


Ready to make a splash this summer? Schedule a free 15-minute conversation with Mark today.