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Don’t let flaky rates scare you from commitment.

Let Mark be your mortgage matchmaker.

A romantic at heart, Mark loves playing cupid.

He’s also the smart friend with relationship advice. Mark always says, “Marry the house, not the rate.” Rates can be refinanced while home prices almost always go up. So don’t wait to commit. You can get a great home and an investment for building long-term wealth. It’s the ultimate relationship win-win.

For that happy ending to your home romance, schedule a date with Mark. He loves closure.

Love and taxes:

At this time of year, you’re probably thinking about taxes… and not loving it. Fortunately, Mark has some great advice about taxes and buying the home you love. Did you know that you can buy more with a reduction in your tax deductions? Mortgage lenders look at your reported income when determining the size of your loan. Deductions reduce your taxable income. Consider lowering those deductions if you are planning to purchase next year. The higher your taxable income, the bigger the loan you may qualify for.

Sound taxing? Mark can talk you through it.

Austin’s a great town for those who love to wander… through parks and along great trails. When you invest in a home, check out what the neighborhood amenities are. Austin Parks and Rec has a handy listing of all of the parks, trails, and activity centers that make this city a great place to live.

Found a neighborhood you love? Check out Mark’s number cruncher to see if it’s in your budget ballpark.