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Experience Counts. Now so, more than ever…

Mark’s Market Update – 8/26/2022

You’ve heard the term “The Have-nots”. Simply – it is those people who don’t have what others do (those that do have are, of course, called the “Haves”.  

I believe there are also the “Know nots” versus the “Knows (those who don’t know versus those that do).  

This is where hiring an expert comes into play.    

I will NEVER (ever) do concrete work. I’ve done it. I won’t do it again. I don’t have the expertise to do it well. How do I know? By the results.  

Can you represent yourself in a court of law? Absolutely. Will you get the best of all possible outcomes?    

Can you gut your home down to the studs and remodel it – without any contractor help whatsoever? (no plumber, electrician, drywaller, tile-person)? Sure you can. Will you get the best of all possible outcomes?  

My point is that in this market – it is becoming very, very apparent how valuable a great Realtor and a qualified Mortgage Planner (read: Loan Officer) is when it comes to buying or selling Real Estate. Can anyone do a loan?

Unfortunately, yes. There’s kind of a low bar to get into my industry. But, will they know how to calculate ROI? Will they attack the problem from the right direction? I have come across three different transactions this week where we’re helping someone because someone else couldn’t come up with an answer that worked – because they were attacking the problem without sufficient knowledge to solve the problem.   

Work with an expert. Work with a Know. Don’t work with a Know Not. Because, unfortunately, the Know Nots don’t know that they know not – and that’s a dangerous position for a consumer to be in.  


P.S. I am teaching a class on August 30th at 10 am with my fellow Austin Loan officers! We will be talking about lending strategies in a shifting market, the upside of inflation, price reduction alternatives, and historical perspectives! Sign up here!