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Buying and selling is a breeze!

Mark knows the mortgage process can be really intimidating. 

That’s why we make the process as smooth as possible and offer several financing options to help make your homeownership dreams a reality.

The PROs and OH NOs of Buying or Selling in the Summer

School’s out forever!
Dream big, empty nesters. If your kids have graduated and moved away, this could be the perfect time for you to start a new adventure! Whether you want to downsize your home, relocate, or look for a vacation home, Mark and his team of trusty sidekicks are ready to help you plan out your next steps.

Don’t lose your cool.
It’s the most popular time to buy and sell a home, and — thanks to the pandemic, construction material shortages, and an increase of people migrating — this summer’s housing market is hotter than ever. When your finances and loan docs are in order, it will be easier to keep your cool, stay patient and persistent, and land a deal on your dream home.

Imagine the possibilities!
With sunny weather, lush green landscaping (or maybe a light green or dusty brown in the Southwest), and a welcoming breeze blowing through the neighborhood, it’s easier for homebuyers to envision themselves in a new home. Capitalize on the warm weather by increasing your house’s curb appeal to attract more buyers. After that, you’ll just need to get your finances ready to move. (That’s where Mark comes in!)