Best Way to Feel Better? Lock your Rate

Mark’s Market Update – 6/2/2022

​It’s not COVID – I swear! 

Something knocked me on my butt yesterday. Because of how I was feeling, I decided to take a COVID test (thank you, Erin) – and, negative. But, I felt super ooky yesterday – bad enough to where I went home and just crawled into bed.  

Today – feeling much better – though I now have the sexy “Smelly Cat” voice going on (if you know, you know). 🙂  

Sometimes it’s the not knowing that gives you worry. I’ve heard too many things about COVID – and was, honestly, a little worried. While it didn’t make me FEEL better as a result of finding out I didn’t have it (I still felt like crap) – the *tension* disappeared.    

Tension or stress is a big problem, and it can show up in many different ways. If you get sick, it may be your body saying, “you’re run down. Take a break.” Don’t let it upend your life.  

One way to eliminate stress if your stress is mortgage-related? Lock your interest rate. We have a couple of options available: Long-term locks for those people under contract with new construction (up to 180 days) – and Lock-And-Shop for those people who plan to buy a home within the next 60-90 days and close within 90-120 days…but aren’t under contract yet, and don’t want to wait until they are under contract to lock their rate when that could be a month from now with rates that are .5% higher.  

Rates are going to be moving up – it’s inevitable with how the Federal Reserve is acting and what they’re doing.    

So – feel better. Call me.   

Just understand – I’ll have my sexy Smelly Cat voice, but it’s only temporary. I don’t sound this awesome all the time.