And, That’s a Wrap

Mark’s Market Update – 12/30/2021

The year is done – watch the attached video for a quick recap of what’s happened with regard to rates this year – and what’s expected next year and why.  

Overall – it was a good year. The Mortgage and Real Estate industry shrugged off the punch of COVID in March of 2020 like Hobbs in Fast and Furious (any of them). 

This year, we helped 229 families change their lives. We helped people buy their first home, buy their move-up home, begin investing in Real Estate. We helped people take advantage of amazing rates, and do amazing things for themselves – whether it was to cash out equity to build a pool, pay off debt, or build an addition (I for one can check several of those boxes myself – and am looking forward to the Polar Bear Plunge into my new pool, wearing my Texas Flag Speedo once it’s done at the end of January. It will be…epic.  

I am blessed to be in an amazing industry, helping people do wonderful things, working with a rock star team, and being a valuable partner to the best agents and partners in the business. 

Thank you…

And to an amazing 2022!  

Happy New Year, everyone!