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What Exactly *is* the Mark Side?

Mark’s Market Update – 6/10/2022

​”Hello, there…”


“You were supposed to bring BALANCE to the rates!”   

What IS the Mark Side?  

Well – it’s working with a loan officer who knows how to structure a loan, to help ensure the loan is the right loan, makes financial sense, and closes on time.   In other words – working with a Loan Master…not a padawan. Not a youngling. 

Rates are up – conventional conforming 30-year rates are creeping back up and are ranging between 5.75% and 6.0%, while government loans are a little lower at 5.625% to 5.875% – however, the CPI index came in today – and the markets took it on the chin. Watch my video for more.  

As a Star Wars fan (anyone who knows me knows that I love Star Wars and Star Trek (yes, it is possible to love both)…I’m super excited to see that Obi-Wan is out – 4th episode dropped, and I’m loving it, except for the fact that a 10-year-old can outrun four adults with almost magical (dare we say, “forcelike”) alacrity… 

​Come to the Mark Side. Lock your rate (Lock and shop or extended)… You’ll thank me later.