Well, Taxes are Out

Mark’s Market Update – 4/21/2022

Taxes… and a Market Update…

Did you know in January 2022, the property tax laws changed? When does the 10% cap start with the new law? How do major repairs like roof or foundation help homeowners fight the value and get values lower? Are homestead exemptions and taxes prorated based on the day you submit your homestead exemption or the day you close? What if the seller has a homestead exemption now, do I need to wait to file until next year (from the article with KVUE this week).

We need to be experts for our clients who are all about to call us after they get the taxable values (Wilco and Travis County are already out and brutal). 

If you or your clients have issues with your taxes this year and want to try and fight them, we partnered with Home Tax Shield to help you out! It’s $15 a year and 30% of what they save you if they save you any money. This could save you thousands! Here is my link: