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Want to Eliminate Stress?

Mark’s Market Update – 6/17/2022

Mortgage rates have moved up during this last week – BUT they didn’t bump up .75% when the Fed made their move on Wednesday (see the video that I sent out about this on Wednesday).  

They had already moved up in the days and weeks leading up to the Fed announcement. Right now – 30-year fixed-rate mortgages are cruising anywhere between 6.125% to 6.375%, 15-year rates are at 5.25%, and Government (FHA/VA loans) are at 5.625% (but with some discount points).  

Life changes are among the most stressful things that people can experience. Sometimes they’re good, and sometimes they’re…not so good (or terrible). I’ve identified six over the years:  

1) Marriage

2) Divorce (unfortunately or fortunately as the case may be)

3) Death (definitely, unfortunately) 

4) Job Change 

5) Birth 

6) New Home (buying – not renting).  

Stress can really jack things up for people. The impact on the body is profound. The impact on the brain, while less visible, is just as profound. With stress, logical thinking, common sense, and memory can often go hasta la bye-bye. You can get snappy, short-tempered, forget things, and see things as being worse than they really are.  

How can you identify stress in your life? Well – one of my coaches, Rick Ruby, taught me that the condition of your car and closet are closely linked to the order or chaos (non-stressed or stressed) you are experiencing in your mind.

While I’m not a psychologist, I will say this:  

1) Pick up your closet.  

2) Clean your car. 

3) Have someone you can talk to

4) And remember, above all, that things have a way of working out. Be patient, don’t panic, and take a step back and breathe.  

Stress tends to be temporary – but at the time you’re experiencing it – it may feel like the weight on your shoulders will never be removed.  

Cheers – and enjoy the weekend!