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The loan process is like puppy love.

All Mark and no bite!

Happy Valentine’s Day — or, as Mark’s wife likes to call it, “Valentimes” Day! (After all, now is the TIME to buy or refi!) The Mark Smith Team is feeling all the V-Day love, and we’ve decided to renew our vows to our clients. The folks we work with are so very near and dear to our hearts, and we use these three rules to help them get the closure they need! (Our Marketing team calls these “Brand Pillars” but Mark thinks of them as… The Loan Officer Love Languages. *Bow chicka wow wow*)

Them’s the Mark Smith Rules

(AKA Loan Officer Love Languages)

#1: Take the job seriously.

We work hard to be the best, so our clients can win big! We are trustworthy advisors and industry experts, to help our clients make big decisions confidently. We stay on top of trends, solve problems before they arise, and make ourselves available whenever clients need us, so they can sleep in peace knowing their loan team has their back.

#2: Make it enjoyable.

Our goal is to make life a little easier by making the home buying or refinancing process as effortless and stress-free as possible. We love to keep things light, so our clients don’t get bogged down by the loan process. From the first-time homebuyer making the leap into homeownership to someone refinancing to pay off debt, we want this to be a swoon-worthy experience!

#3: Don’t violate the first two rules.

This is a big one. With all relationships and big life experiences, it takes focus and effort to make it work! That’s why it’s important to choose a loan team that truly, madly, deeply cares about you and your experience. The Mark Smith Team only has eyes for you, so we’ll stay focused on our goals to make sure your loan process is smoother than Rico Suave!