The Five-Second Hug

11/18/2021 – Mark’s Market Update

I’ve originated loans for 27 years (my team teases me about that – because now they’re rounding UP and are saying 30 years…which makes me feel older than I already am)…so, I’ve got a couple of holiday seasons under my belt. 

I’ve had my fair share of times, right after New Year’s, where I said, “I’m glad that’s over, now let’s get back to work!”.  

What are the stresses that can trigger holiday burnout during the time of year that should fill your happiness battery to the top? Well, too many get-togethers, too many parties, too many things to do, too many things to buy, too many people to see, among some. The biggest one, I hate to say, is the guilt that manifests when someone gives you something but you didn’t give them something in return. 

That’s not a way to enjoy life or run a business…and as I’ve matured in this industry, I’ve worked (HARD) to get to where I could enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas more so that I didn’t burn out in advance before those awesome days have even shown up.  

So – it’s important to recharge before your Holiday-o-meter drops to zero (or negative).

People want to see you and you want to see them. People want to take the time and energy to give you something to say, “I’m thinking about you”, and vice versa. That’s really all it is. See people, love on them (through gift-giving or actions). Christmas, remember, is about GIVING. It’s not about “reciprocity”, or “evenness” (and believe me – as an identical twin, I understand how “evenness” can firmly roost in the mind). Don’t feel guilty that you have to choose one party over another, or dinner with one set of friends over another, or a significant other’s work party versus yours on the same night. 

Whatever you choose, choose…and above all, acknowledge and be gracious.  

A heartfelt thanks and a great big five-second hug is oftentimes the thing that people want the most during any holiday season…and everyone has time for a heartfelt thanks and a five-second hug. It’s easy to give, and easy to receive, and doesn’t cost anything, and is the BEST way to recharge holiday batteries you can find. 

Oh, and a quick reminder: BUY BATTERIES – just get some AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-volt batteries. The kids will love you for it.    ​  

The Five-Second Hug. It may not charge a Tesla – but it will recharge your soul.