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Taking a Breather…and then it Starts Again

Mark’s Market Update – 1/14/2022

A breather – assuming you can breathe…

The upward rate march has taken a brief pause – but, it may not be long lasting. The Federal Reserve’s expected rate change come March isn’t going to change mortgage rates. Why? Watch the video to find out. 

Despite COVID and Cedar Fever (what is it if you get both at the same time? COVID Fever? CeVID?) Cedar Fever’s been bad enough – but with everyone I’ve been talking to, this Omicron variant seems to be racing through the population.  

Stay safe, everyone. Stay safe. If you need anything, please let me know – I want the best for everyone. 

Mark’s Business/Life Tip of the Day:

There are enough people who do business the right way to not worry about those who don’t, so don’t ever spend mental energy worrying (or being angry, frustrated, whatever negative energy you may be feeling) about those who don’t. Spend your life surrounding yourself with people who do things and conduct themselves the right way.