Stay Healthy, Folks

Mark’s Market Update – 2/25/2022

Your home, just like your health, needs to be maintained.

When you think about it – both consist of various systems that need care and love. Sometimes that care should be constant (eating right, exercising, drinking coffee (because everyone knows that coffee is the elixir of life…!), and sometimes the care is every once in a while, maintenance (vacations – for the mind, annual physicals, and colonoscopies (for the 50 and up crowd).

Homes are the same way. Tammy and I brought some people in to paint and recalk the outside soffits at our home. Now – when you’re doing stuff around the house – people will notice the new kitchen, the new flooring – but I’ve never seen anyone come to a house and, before they come in, stop, look and say, “Wow…! I love what you’ve done with these soffits!”

…Just like people don’t come up to a 50-year-old and say, “Wow – you look great? Colonoscopy?”

But – here’s the thing – take care of the systems in your home, and it will last a long time. Painting and recalking soffits ain’t sexy – but as a system that can fail – fixing it when it has been allowed to degrade – can get really expensive. Body and home need constant love, periodic checking, and, yes, occasionally, you’ll have to expend some time, energy, and money doing things, and you may not like the process…but you’ll like the result in the long run.

So, take care of your home. Take care of your body. Doing both will allow both to last for a long time.