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Need to hatch a home buying plan?

Call Mark to get cracking.

When it comes to real estate investment in today’s market, a big down payment on a conventional loan isn’t the only way to go. Mark and his team have the eggspertise to get you the right loan that fits your financial plans. With your eggs in the right basket (or baskets!), you can ensure your investment is something to crow about.

Mark’s no spring chicken to home buying. Schedule your free 15-minute consultation today.

Feeling scrambled?

It’s not just you. Today’s real estate market can be confusing… and frustrating. Fluctuating interest rates, new conventional loan rules like loan level price adjustments (LLPAs), and the ups-and-downs of home prices all require the know-how of an experienced loan officer who knows how to get closure during what may feel like chaos. Mark and his team will work with you to identify the right loan type and the right down payment to get you in the home you want.

Save the nest egg.

In addition to real estate, Mark knows that there are other avenues that MUST be utilized to maximize your wealth in the long run. Everyone should have at least $25,000 stockpiled as emergency liquid reserves. When buying a home, this may mean putting less money down so you can keep your nest egg savings liquid. Having this money saved will protect you when something completely unexpected happens, prevent you from having to liquidate other funds that are earning money in an investment account, and help you avoid harsh penalties for withdrawing that money early. 

Ready to feather your nest? Schedule a free 15-minute conversation with Mark today.

How is Mark’s loan process like his eggs?

They’re both over easy.