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Local lenders are like lucky charms.

They’re magically ambitious!

Mark feels so lucky to be a local lender. From the moment he wakes up — and shouts “Top o’ the Mornin’!” to everyone he sees — he’s dreaming about closing. Big box lenders may put you on hold, leave you in the dark with questions, and drag you through a grueling loan process. Mark and his team will be there for you every Irish Stepdance of the way, working hard to put a smile on your face, save you some green, and get you to the pot o’ gold (AKA a solid home investment) at the end of the loan process!

All That Glitters is Not Gold.

Big box lenders (online lending companies and big banks) are notorious for falsely preapproving loans based on buyers’ self-reported finances and soft-pull credit reports. Local lenders actually do the work required to confirm that the self-reported numbers are accurate before preapproval. Big box lenders don’t always go that extra step, which means your loan could get rejected later on in the process — just when you’re doing a happy little jig and getting excited about moving! When Mark gives you the green light, you can take that to the bank.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

There’s a land that you’ve heard of, and NOW is the time to buy! Rates and home values are rising, so there’s never been a better time to make your move. When you work with a local lender like Mark, you’ll get personalized service from a team that knows your preferred area and that specific real estate market better than anyone. Big box lenders have a templatized approach to lending, so they’re not always able to give you exact numbers and prepare you for the realities of your loan process. The Mark Smith Team hustles all day, every day to get you the information you need to make wise choices and turn your homeownership dream into a reality!

Luck o’ the Local Lender!

Who needs luck o’ the Irish, when you’ve got a good lad like Mark on your side? He’s determined to close the appraisal gap! Home values are escalating quickly (about 2-3% each month), creating a significant difference between the appraisal value and final purchase price. If a house was appraised at $380K in November, it’s probably going to sell for $400K in March. If your loan limit was set at $382K, you’re not going to get the final loan approval needed to buy that house. Working with a local lender who knows the market and is anticipating the data lag can ensure you are preapproved for the right amount!