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This summer, you can get the perfect figure 👙☀

Want the perfect summer figure? You’re in luck! Today’s interest rates are at record lows!

Today’s interest rates are at record lows! For perspective, the average rate was over 8% in 2000, over 10% in 1990, and over 13% in 1980.

The PROs and OH NOs of Buying or Selling in the Summer

April showers bring summer homebuyers!
You’ve done your spring cleaning — now there’s less to move! A decluttered home is easier to show to potential buyers and lets you focus on what really matters: financing. Rest assured, we’ll do our best to make that process stress-free!

Temperatures are high. Rates are low.
With rates hovering around 3%, now is the perfect time to buy! A $500,000 loan with a 3% interest rate (3.037% APR*) puts your monthly payment at $2,108. The same loan with a 5.5% rate makes your payment jump to $2,838!

Housing markets are hot, hot, hot!
Home prices usually peak from June to August, which makes it a sellers’ market. One upside of buying a home during peak times like this is that there are usually more homes on the market, so don’t stop believing, homebuyers!