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It’s All About the Inventory

Mark’s Market Update – 1/20/2022

​It’s not Location, Location, Location – its Inventory, Inventory, Inventory 

The key to real estate this coming year and next – will not be about location…it will be about inventory. What’s happening? Where are we headed? Watch the video to find out…

My father taught me a valuable lesson years ago:

“You buy the best you can afford…period”. There’s nothing more important. Advice is sometimes more important than price.  

Think of how many times over the years you bought something online (or at a major retailer) and the driving force was “price”? Cheapest won?  

Then, ask yourself a separate question: How often did the cheapest result in the best outcome?  

I can tell you, personally, I have probably blown hundreds, if not thousands of dollars doing something “twice” – because I went with something I thought would satisfy the need – only to find out that I didn’t look for some of the aspects that may have been more important: Quality. Longevity. Utility. Usefulness. Satisfaction.  

Quality. Longevity. Utility. Usefulness. Satisfaction. Repeat those words, and think about what they mean for anything you consume, buy, or use.  

What’s the quality? How long will it last (and when will you need to replace it)? Does it do what it needs to do, and then some, or barely accomplish the objective. And, finally – how did you feel after you used it? Were you satisfied?

I think the key to a great business model is to provide a quality product, that satisfies the need (and then some), that will not have to be replaced sooner than it needs to – and provides, ultimately, a measure of satisfaction that brings a smile to the face.  

This is my goal. This is what I am working towards – in every aspect of what I do. 

Because, as my father said, “You buy the BEST you can afford”. That was good and sage advice. 

Cheers, and have a wonderful day!