It’s a Bad Time to be a Shipping Magnate

Mark’s Market Update – 10/21/2021

I’ve always wanted a Shipping Container House​

True story. One of my dreams, ultimately, is to have a swath of land in the mountains…and a (probably two, maybe even three) shipping container house, and a small porch with a couple of rocking chairs.
A tiny house – but, not so tiny that it is miserable, but small enough that it encourages us to spend more time outside than inside, but we have shelter when we need it.
Why a shipping container? Because they’re metal. They’re indestructible…and they can’t burn down. Remove enough trees around the perimeter, and you’ve got a nice place that will last…forever. Plan for water with swales and berms, remove the trees so they can’t fall if a forest fire rages through – and you’ve got your place to get away that can be handed down from generation to generation.
BUT – that ain’t happening anytime soon, because you can’t GET any shipping containers because they’re all trapped on ships floating around ports. Along with the Christmas presents I’ve ordered.
So – folks – plan for Christmas this year…like, legitimately, plan – order it now.
And, if you want to buy a home…same thing. Now’s the best time. Don’t wait for the home “next year”.