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Inflation, Turkey, and Nerds

Mark’s Market Update – 11/17/2022

Why am I wearing Texas State gear?

13 years ago, my son, Connor, picked up his first golf club. Ever seen a 5-year-old swing at a golf ball? 99 times out of 100, they’ll miss, and spin around like a top. That was Connor.

Those days ended a long time ago, and today he begins his journey to play Division 1 golf for Texas State University. He signs his letter with Texas State University to be a Bobcat and play Division 1 golf for them in the 2023/2024 year.

It takes grit, dedication, mental fortitude, physical conditioning, and talent that I don’t have (or, at least, didn’t develop – I remember when I was seven – I hit a golf ball through the bathroom window from the backyard of our house in Utah and shattered it. Yes – I was that kid) to play at the Division 1 level.

Lending is like Golf. You have the hackers and the duffers, and then you have those who can shoot below par, get selected to play Division 1 golf, and maybe – with more hard work, grit, and mental fortitude…end up with a PGA tour card.

I played in the Austin Mortgage Banker’s tournament a few years ago, and Connor, at the tender age of 15, was our “Ringer”. I’ve never enjoyed the outcome more.

Who do you want on your lending team?

If you’re playing golf, and you need a ringer – I’ve got someone who can help. But, if you’re needing a mortgage loan…

…get the Tour Professional (hint: It’s me).