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Four (Maybe 4.5) Simple Steps to Build Wealth

Mark’s Market Update – 5/26/2022

Rates are more or less even – 30 Year Fixed rates are hovering between 5.625 to 5.25 while 15-year conventional rates are hitting the just-under-five range, and government loans (FHA/VA) are seeing a wild range between 5.625% and 4.75%. All are seeing crazy compressed yield curves because of the Fed actions and stock market reactions.  

One of my good friends, Niki Salter (a badass woman in her own right) said something to me once that was amazingly awesome. She said, “Money doesn’t buy happiness, but I’d rather cry in a Ferrari…” To her point, I would say that whoever said “Money doesn’t buy happiness,” was never poor.

So, watch my quick video that explains in four simple steps how to grow wealthy (alright – maybe 4.5). Don’t learn by mistake (that’s a TERRIBLE way to learn) – watch other people make the mistakes (or do things right) and learn from them.  

Cheers, everyone – and happy Memorial Day!