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Resolved to get fiscally fit?

Mark can build your mortgage muscle.

Rich people secret: real estate is the best investment you can make to beef up your bank account.

Mark and his team are here to put your investment workout plan together from saving for the down payment to finding the mortgage that meets your goals.

Get in touch with Mark today.

Top 5 reasons why real estate is a wealthier workout:

Cash Flow: Real estate is something people will always need and it generates consistent cash every month, no matter what happens with the economy. 

Tax Breaks: You get special tax benefits and deductions for this type of income. If you own properties, you claim the income and expenses on your tax return.

Leverage: You only have to put up a small amount of your own money; the bank gives you the rest.

Build Wealth: Even if the property value stays flat, the tenants are the ones who pay down your debt, which creates more wealth for you.

Appreciation: In growing or desirable areas, the value of real estate continues to go up over time.

Ready to get fit? Start with a few (number) crunches

Then call, DM, or email teammarksmith@legacymutual.com for more mortgage motivation.