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Everything Changes in a Federal Reserve Minute

1/6/2022 – Mark’s Market Update

Well – rates are up, and home prices are increasing – and second homes are getting more expensive. Why? Watch my video and you will become all-knowing! 

New Year’s came and went – and it was a particular milestone for me – I hit one year of not drinking. BAM! 

Why? Well – I didn’t think I had a problem…but, let’s be honest – COVID suddenly made that “Corner Bar” (which was the bar set that I had as I rounded the corner from my home office to the living room) really easy to go to after work. Great day of work? Cool…let’s celebrate! Not so great day at work? Bummer – let’s have a drink and just kind of relax and think about it. Time for the weekend? Cool – let’s have a drink and enjoy the outside weather.  

So – I decided – let’s not only pare it back – but stop altogether. Possibly…to make sure I could. 

Well – one year later, and a couple of champagne toasts (one for the end of the year with my team and one at a friend’s wedding), one glass of wine at a friend’s house, and one gin-and-tonic later (over the space of an entire year)…I’ve got to say that I think I was successful!  

I’ve lost a little bit of weight (so, maybe the Dad bod isn’t so Dad-bod-like), and my wife thinks I’m funnier. Huh.  

So – I don’t really have a New Year’s resolution like I did last year – because I think this was a good one.  

So – to everyone who’s started a resolution – stick with it. For everyone who wants to start one – it may not be as hard as you think. But, no matter what, enjoy the year with everything that it will bring.