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Buying and Financing a Home isn’t a Venmo Transaction

Mark’s Market Update – 3/25/2022

​Long weekend for me…!  

Navigating this mortgage market for clients requires a cool temperament, and the knowledge to understand and be able to explain what’s happening.

Buying a home isn’t a Venmo transaction. Knowledge, experience, expertise, and the ability to explain what’s happening…AND WHY…is critical. Rates are up. Why? Will it continue? How high? Should I buy now?  

I help more people understand what’s happening and help more people get under contract. Knowledge is power, folks. 

Do you know what is also power? Knowing when you need to take a quick day off and spend a weekend with your eldest at a golf tournament in Houston…

Wish us luck! I’ll be out today…and back on Monday. My team will be handling everything while I’m out. They’re awesome, and I love them…

If you need anything – contact Dillon and Erin! The best way to get in touch with them is to call or text 512-776-1363 or email TeamMarkSmith@legacymutual.com.