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Balancing the Scales – Choices

7/21/2022 – Mark’s Market Update

When you think about it – virtually everything you do is about balance. Literally – think about ANYTHING you do – it’s a choice – go here and you can’t go there. Do this, and then can’t do that. Or, do that, and now can’t do this. 

Buying a home and mortgage lending are no different. Speed, price, service (choice and balance – you can’t get all three at the same time!). Lowest payment or lowest cash investment? You can’t get both at the same time – they work against each other.   

So – I believe that choices need to be made when it comes to helping people make the best decisions when buying and financing their homes – so that they can get the best BALANCE of what’s important to them. Where do most lenders fail? By not understanding the needs of the client. Why? Because they never, actually, asked.  

My team and I are embarking on a process to create a world-class level of service when it comes to helping people buy and finance (the only way you should ever buy) real estate.  

We’re good – but we want to be great…and that level of greatness involves understanding what’s important to each person involved in the transaction – and delivering on that. Each time. Every time. But, that means that we’re making a choice to do so, and figuring out where our balance points need to be.  

Choice. Balance. Find your scale, and find that perfect level of balance.  

Cheers, and stay cool, my friends. This heat is brutal.