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Are you Waiting for Home Prices to Decrease?

Mark’s Market Update – 6/23/2022

Waiting for home prices to decrease before you buy?

To quote Julia Roberts – “Big Mistake. Huge.”

The data doesn’t support it – at all. (Spoiler alert – watch the video)

The theme for today is the Gopher…The iconic little critter in Caddyshack – one of the best golf movies of all time. My 17-year-old is a golfer – and, dare I say (as a parent), is a pretty good one. So, the gopher is probably an appropriate tie-in.

He just came off a tournament at the Van Zandt Country Club in Canton, TX. It was a brutal, two-day tournament (36 holes on the first day) in +100 degree weather.

In the first round – he shot a respectable 73 (tied for 22nd out of 55 kids). After that round was done, and a quick lunch, he went back out onto the course and started the second round – and shot an even more respectable 71 (1 under), and after that round, was tied for 19th.

36 holes – 10 hours on the course – 100 degrees. Walking the equivalent of 14 or 15 miles with a twenty-pound golf bag. I can’t imagine (and I type this in the cool comfort of my office as I brace myself for an eight-hour day).

Honestly, we were afraid that he may have sucked every ounce of fuel out of his tank to do that – and would have nothing left for the third round the next day (same temperature).

Apparently, he had a reserve tank – because he kicked in the afterburners – and proceeded to fire a 67. Five under par…and pole-vaulted from 19th to 5th place, and proceeded to have:

1) His lowest tournament score ever (-5)

2) His lowest round score ever (-5)

3) His first tournament round in the 60s. (67).

Proud papa moment.

Be a gopher. Seize the moment. Enjoy life, and when it comes to buying a home…gopher it!