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Are rates going from naughty to nice?

Mark always checks them twice.

If you’re dreaming of a home for the holidays, Mark and his team are your Austin mortgage merry makers.

No need to cry or pout, we’re telling you why—lower interest rates are coming to town in 2023.  You can buy a home now and Mark will automatically refinance your home loan when rates are lower. “Buy now, refi later” is the holiday gift that keeps on giving. 

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He’s making a list.

It is still a good time to buy, especially if you’ve found a house worth writing to Santa about.  Fortunately, Mark knows what’s naughty and nice about the market.

The nice list:

Refinance options

Seller paid closing costs

Seller paid rate buy down

Seller paid 2/1 rate buy down

Seller paid repairs

Seller paid improvements

Pay less than the asking price

No need to waive inspection 

Inspection negotiation

Time to think

Contingency contracts

The naughty list:

Higher interest rates.

And checking it twice.

Mark is always checking rates and knows when it’s best to refi your loan. Here’s why: lending rates can be refinanced, home prices can’t. You can lock in today’s price (and they are stabilizing in Austin!) while always being able to refinance your rate as they improve. Mark’s commitment to you is buy now and he’ll help you refinance the loan later automatically.  To qualify, (1) you have to make a minimum of six payments to the servicer by the time we close and (2) we want to see the interest rates decrease to 5.5% or lower- with no discount points. 

Whether you’ve been bad or good.

Credit, bad or good, goes a long way in helping you get the best mortgage possible. Mark and his team are experts in capitalizing on good credit and repairing bad credit. He’ll help you be good, for goodness sake.

You probably shouldn’t sit on his lap, but you can share what you want for Christmas!

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